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How I Do After Run Maintenance On My Traxxas Nitro Trucks!
Sit back with your favorite drink as I take you through the after run maintenance I perform on my Traxxas nitro trucks. Many people who have never owned a Traxxas nitro truck are curious or even put off about how involved or time consuming the after run maintenance may be. This video will give you an idea of what to expect!

1/8Th Mad Torque Beach Crawling We brought out the popular Mad Torque to the sandy beach with some rock crawling.

Team Energy RC Drag Race Speed Test
We have 3 of the newest Team Energy Vehicle the M7DT, A7X, and C8ST goes head to head on a speed test.

Exceed RC 1/10 Infinitive Brushless Tracked Truck in Action The Infinitive EP is powered by a sensorless Brushless Motor rated at 3300KV @ 12Turns and a programmable 45amp ESC, that’s capable of handling 4-7s Nickel batteries or 2s LiPo batteries. This new power train is easily capable of providing reliable and consistent power for extreme off-road driving. Best of all, the motor and transmission are both completely sealed to prevent dirt and grime from getting in and causing damage. This motor has been proven to be both durable and reliable, making the Infinitive EP a welcomed addition to the latest Exceed RC line. With 20 exciting color schemes to choose from the Infinitive EP is sure to be a favorite for RC enthusiasts everywhere. Suspension on each wheel combines with continuous track to run over uneven surfaces without difficulty. It can be driven under a wide range of conditions. Runs with the unrelenting power of a belt tracked vehicle through snow, sand, and off road. The tracks are made of soft rubber so you can even run it indoors without worrying that it will ruin your floors.