vintage: Autobianchi A112 | drive it

Small, cute and agile - those are the attributes that helped the Autobianchi A112 lay the groundwork for a new model segment.When it was introduced in the fall of 1969, car lovers got more than just an Italian version of Britain's Mini. Produced by Fiat subsidiary Autobianchi, the A112 was the first truly driveable supermini. We hit the road with an A112 with a 44 horse power, transversely mounted four-cylinder engine.

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Denmark: Christiania - The "Normal" Neighborhood | European Journal
Forty years on the inhabitants of the Free State of Christiania have to make a choice: either they buy their properties or they abandon the legendary hippie republic.Denmark's highest court has awarded the state the complete right of use of the land. In 1971 thousands of young Danes squatted the abandoned barracks in the Christianshavn district and turned it into a center of alternative lifestyle. But recently the community has faced accusations of organized criminality. Police drug raids in an area notorious as pusher street led to clashes between officers and the squatters.

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Even with Philipp Rösler set to become the Free Democrats' new leader, the party continues to flounder. How can Rösler steer it back on course - and can he really succeed? And what will become of his predecessor Guido Westerwelle? Can he remain foreign minister? Many believe he's simply not up to the job.

Vintage - The Alfa Romeo Montreal | drive it
1966 marked the dawn of the story of the unique Alfa Montreal.Its makers demanded only one thing of the 200 horsepower 8-cylinder beast: to showcase what Alfa was capable of. Its racing chassis was borrowed from the 33 and first had to be tamed for regular roads. Ulrich Pfeiffer has been living the Alfa Montreal dream since 1972. He is one of just 187 registered owners of the cult car.

vintage! BMW 507 | drive it
At its premiere in the New York Waldorf-Astoria in 1955, the BMW 507 was an instant success.The sleek roadster designed by Albrecht von Goertz caused an even bigger sensation when it was presented at the Frankfurt car show that year. Many automobile enthusiasts consider it the most beautiful sports car of all times. Only 252 exemplars of the exclusive car were built.