Bernard Newbury Outlaw Flat Four Engine Fire

At the recent Garys Picnic meet at Avon Park, Bernie through a rod which broke the engine case and caused a fire at about 120mph. Bernie is ok and will be out in the car again next season. More at

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Outlaw Flat Four At Avon Park
First weeekend racing of 2007 for the Outlaw Flat Four. More of this at

My 1968 turbo VW engine start Unlimited Street Bug
Firing up my turbo powered street legal VW. This is first fire after break-in. Cooker's V-Dubs, Clear Spring, Md. As of 6/21/08, this is the quickest street legal VW on the east coast. 9.66 at 142 mph.

JetKayak with Patented PowerSki SuperTorqueXT Flat Engine
The PowerSki JetKayak is the first of its kind. Powered by the patented SuperTorqueXT flat engine technology, the PowerSki JetKayak boasts speeds of 35 mph plus. Team PowerSki's inventor and CEO Bob Montgomery with PowerSki Co-Founder/Director Jim Walker film document the amazing dream machine in action. Video editing performed on Sponsored Hewlett Packard computer hardware and Adobe Premiere CS3 edit software.

european bugin 2 type 2 burnout
ebi 2 type 2 burnout outlaw flatfour