Henri Toivonen - Jyväskylä-Corte

Hello this is the old "antti2", some of you know me from these "made by antti" videos I have made in the past five years. I made a new account to upload this new tribute to Henri as it could be my last, at least for a long time. Here's the songlist: Apocalyptica - Farewell Yö - Rakkaus On Lumivalkoinen (piano variation) Two Steps From Hell - The Thruth Unravels Nightwish - Ever Dream Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out Queen - Show Must Go On Two Steps From Hell - Undying Love Guns N'Roses - Don't Cry Robert Miles - Fable And the last two songs are the same than the first two

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Tour de Corse 1986 new and never seen on TV
Tour de Corse 86, Original Film made with our VHS-Camcorder. enjoy the ride! look my other rallye videos and thx for watching in Memory Henri Toivonen und Sergio Cresto...

WRC Greatest DriversTribute by Antti
Very nice tribute for all time greates rally drivers by Ana (Antti/antti2) Please rate and comment HQ recommened

Vauhdin surma - Henri Toivonen documentary
Documentary about Henri Toivonen and His tragic death in Tour de Corse 1986. Production: Michael Franck Productions 1987. Candidacy for the best documentary film title, LYON, 1989 Dokumentti Henri Toivosesta ja hänen traagisesta kuolemastaan Korsika-rallissa 1986. Tuotanto: Michael Franck Productions 1987. Ehdokkuus parhaasta eurooppalaisen dokumenttielokuvan tittelistä, LYON, 1989 lère Biennale Européenne du Documentaire.

Ari Vatanen - The Poet of Rallying
"Driving has been the pencil I have painted my life with." Ari Vatanen