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*** 1989 Honda Prelude SI B20A5 Prelude VIDEO 1

1989 Prelude Si B20a5 PRELUDE VIDEO 1 lots of work looking forward to rebuilt n modify..Look for my next video


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*** 1989 Honda Prelude SI B20A5 Prelude VIDEO 2
this is my second video n this is Just a couple of things that i have done.. Im traying to locate a short block anyone in IL dat has one please contact me thanks....

MUlrich's 91 Honda Prelude
91 honda prelude b20a5 swap, wiseco 9:1 pistons .5mm bore, h22 main bearings, d16 rod bearings, h23 rods, b18a intake cam tuned on crome, Garret t3/t4 hybrid, ludespeed manifold, vw/audi external wastegate, tuned at 6psi and 10psi

1989 honda prelude si jdm h22a swap for sale
the squeaking at startup is my alternator belt, bought one yesterday but i bought the wrong size. it will be fixed tomorow. car is for sale for 3000$(low price i know, im desperate for cash) in NEW JERSEY. SOUTH JERSEY TO BE EXACT the check engine light on the dashboard is solid because i wired in a switch to jump the ECU to check for check engine lights, i forgot to turn the switch off so its set to "on". if i turn the switch to "off" then the check engine light will go away. you can see that there are no engine codes because it is not blinking

Stephen's 4WS 91 Prelude Progress (Part 1)
Very briefly outlining my car's progress from when I got it (during my F&F stage, as I call it) until right before I did the motor/tranny swap. Comments/Criticism welcome. PreludePower.com Song; Boys Noize - The Battery

89' Turbo Prelude and 92' Nissan 240 with LS1
1989 Honda Prelude Si turbo 4ws and 1992 Nissan 240 with LS1 swap just goofing off.

honda prelude 3rd gen
honda prelude b20a Exhaust sound

89 BA4 Prelude with Magnaflow Dual Tip
My prelude with a magnaflow catback, and 24 inch resonator.

1989 Honda Prelude SI Turbo
On the street. -SC61 -MH Slicks

1986 Honda Prelude Si
just a quick walk around of my car after a lil TLC... Mods: intake, painted front side markers and part of the back tail, painted the center reverse panel.

Stephen's 4WS 91 Prelude Progress (Part 2)
Covering progress from buying the donor car until about half way through both swaps. Comment, Rate, Like, Subscribe &stuff. PreludePower.com Songs; Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow X & Hell - Shades Off

1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI
1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 liter SI 5 Speed. 134,000 original miles. White exterior with matching rims, navy blue interior. K&N Air Filter. PS, PB, PW, Cruise Control, Moonroof, Tape, with rear 10 CD changer {no magazine}. The following items are all new: New headgasket, Timing belt and tensioner, Valve job, Valve cover set, Cam seals, Distributor seals, Complete tuneup {sparkplugs, wires, distrib' cap, etc..}, faulty driver rear caliper/brakes changed, Oil, Coolant, and Brake fluid changed out, and new liquid put in, Injectors cleaned, K&N Air Filter cleaned, All fluids topped off. I have done {and had to do} a tremendous amount of work to this car, with money/time invested, Bought it from a guy in Lynnwood who claimed this and that had been done to it, just to find out none of it had been done. This car is definetly a solid commuter. Selling because I need to recoupe some money. $2,100 OBO. Aaron 425-923-6576, 360-474-8476.

89 Honda Prelude Si 1989
** Honda Prelude Si 1989 ** * Exterior * VIS Invader Carbonfiber Hood VIS Carbonfiber Windspliter Andys Auto Sports Body Kit Custom Paint Lots of Body work ICW Racing rims for now 2 Kits of LED (BLUE) 3 Sets of Strobes - Front, Back, Side Skirts Ultra White Fog Lights I have a lowering kit but i have not put it on yet * Inside * Sparco Seats Sparco Harness Sparco Base Grant Steering Wheels Carbonfiber Shifter 2 Autometer Gauges (Volts, Oil Pressure) - (Working) Pioneer Indash Flip Out TV Touch GPS 2 Alpine 6by9 4 Pioneer 6 1/2 Yellow Optima Battery Custom Interior Custom Black Carpet Custom Painted Door Panels (Bottom Carpet of Door) 6 LED (BLUE) Under Dash, Beside Seats, Behind Seats Custom Speaker and 15in Monitor Encloser Rear 15in Flat Screen Monitor Custom Rear Carpet Painted Interior Peices (White & Black & Blue) * Trunk * 4 Powerbase Subs Custom Sub Boxes 2 Single Sub Boxes 2 Duel Sub Box 2 Amps Legacy Digital 1.2 Farad Capacitor Blue led Strobe kit Custom Trunk Interior Engine AEM Intake and Filter MSD Sparkplug Wires NGK Plugs Engine Dress Up Kit Painted Valve Cover New Alternator New Power Steering HKS Pipe (FREE FROM FRIEND) Blue Ground Kit * Future Plans * Engine Rebuild turbo Just Got The turbo Manifold Back From Shop All 3in pipe headers back New Radiator

MotorWeek | Retro Review: '88 Honda Prelude 4WS
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1990 Honda Prelude Air Intake ( Weapon R )
Short video of my car and its new short ram intake from Weapon-R. Cheap, only $104.00.

1989 Honda Accord KYB Strut How-To Installation
Instructional How-To Video of a DIY Installation of KYB struts on a 1989 Honda Accord by SparkPlugs.com

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1991 Honda Prelude Garret GT 4088R Turbo: 10.936 @ 137.200
Einar J. Sindrason, Engine: H22A4, Turbos: Garret GT 4088R

1983 Honda Prelude EX Nitrous: 11.026 @ 127.180
Jassim Qamber, Engine: b20/vtec, Tires: M/T 24.5 * 8 * 13 7psi

1983 Honda Prelude : 11.703 @ 113.500
Qamber, Jassim, Engine: b20/VTEC, Tires: M.T 22*8*13

1983 Honda Prelude : 11.703 @ 113.500
Qamber, Jassim, Engine: B20/VTEC, Tires: 22*13*8

93 Honda Prelude si turbo: 12.300 @ 110.250
G. Warren, Turbos: t3/t4 60 trim stage 2 wheels Tires: kumo

1994 Honda Prelude SI: 12.400 @ 119.000
fadi daniel, Engine: H23, Turbos: Turbonetics T3/T4 Tires: SLICKS in front

1997 Honda Prelude Nitrous: 12.628 @ 112.150
shawn rittenberry, Engine: h22a euro-r, Tires: 225/50/15 g-force t/a slicks

2001 Honda Prelude Base: 12.987 @ 116.000
Mohsen Khaseghari, Engine: H22A4, Supercharger: jackson racing Tires: stock

1997 Honda Prelude 2.2 Vtec N/A: 13.347 @ 104.000
ReNo, Engine: 2.2 VTEC VTi, Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE050 235/40/R17

1991 Honda Prelude Si- VTEC: 13.529 @ 107.630
Kel Pante, Tires: 215/40/16 Toyo T1-R

1995 Honda Prelude 2.2 SiVtec: 13.627 @ 102.500
Marc Dino, Engine: H22a, Tires: 195/50

1998 Honda Prelude base model: 13.700 @ 104.000
mark, Engine: h22, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: greddy 18g Tires: es 100's yokohoma

1992 Honda Prelude Si Vtec: 13.870 @ 98.630
Matt Brook, Engine: h22a, Tires: Toyo R881 205/55/15

1989 Honda Prelude 2.0-16 Turbo: 13.880 @ 101.390
Jeremy Price aka FR8TRN, Engine: B20A, Turbos: Garret T28 Tires: BFG Scorcher 215/35/18 205/50/15 TS1 Toyo

1995 Honda Prelude US SI VTEC: 13.920 @ 100.700
Ben Lowry, Engine: H22A1, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 225/40/18 Yokohama AVS

2000 Honda Prelude Base Turbo: 13.987 @ 99.560
Ian Simonton, Engine: H22A4, Turbos: Mitsubishi 18G GReddy Tires: Kumho

1992 Honda Prelude S: 13.995 @ 99.810
Steve Michaud, Engine: h22a n/a stock internal, Tires: 205/55/15 falken ziex @ 20psi

2001 Honda Prelude Base: 13.997 @ 98.270
Gregory Pantelides, Engine: H22a4, Tires: M&H slicks 23x8.5x15 (14psi)

1991 Honda Prelude 4ws 2.2 v-tec: 14.028 @ 99.050
Ben Wilder, Engine: jdm 2.2 v-tec, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 20/8 slicks

2001 Honda Prelude Base: 14.133 @ 96.230
Gregory Pantelides, Engine: H22a4, Tires: M&H 23x8.5x15'' Slicks


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