Toyota Sprinter Sideways at Jack's Hill, Wanneroo

Tom shows us how fast a Toyota Sprinter can go through the finishing line sideways at the 13 September 2008 round of the AMR Speed Event Series round at Jack's Hill, Wanneroo, Perth W.Australia. The timing gear survived to live another day! And Tom won his class.

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TOYOTA Sprinter 1992г.в. 60т.р. Уфа
ВОЗМОЖЕН ОБМЕН НА ПРОДУКЦИЮ APPLE. Продам японское авто. Второй хозяин. В РФ с 2007г. 80л.с. Отлично подойдет для новичков или как рабочая лошадка. Двигатель и коробка в идеальном состоянии. В коробке никаких рывков и т.п. Ходовка в порядке. Салон ухоженный. Музыка. Гидро усилитель руля. 100% рабочий Электро кондиционер. регулировщик боковых зеркал. Салон Limited Цену ставлю ниже рыночной Т.К. есть Косяки по кузову (кузов не ржавый! Просто царапины и вмятины).

Toyota Sprinter 1994 1.5L
Девятнадцатилетние авто. Почти всё работает, кондей, афтамат, криуз, эл. пакет, фсё дила ))) Сервисная книжка v3,0. Битакрашена, в россии один хозяин, ездил дедужко. 95к рур. НЕ продаётся )) Она же +фото с процесса покраса 635/ AcademeG.

1993 Toyota Sprinter AE100 Japan Purchase Review
Vehicle Purchased and Exported from Japan Import a vehicle from Japan - For more information on how to purchase a vehicle from Japan, please see our website or email Derek directly. We are a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. We value long term relationships with our customers and we strive to make every sale a memorable one. Purchasing from Japan is quite simple and even first time buyers can manage to purchase with just a little time and some enthusiasm. We look forward to hearing from you. Derek Weldon

LANDIN WILLIAMS | Japanese Nostalgia (Toyota Sprinter)
"Some people drive their cars hard and find enjoyment in doing it. I'm just the opposite. I'm happy to just drive them down the street once or twice a year and back into the garage." - Ralph I have so much respect for Ralph and his collection. Although lately I've decided to drive my classic car more and preserve it less, I completely appreciate his love and respect for these cars. In time they will be gone - it's the memories we create that remain. Respect. Facebook @ landinwilliamscreative Instagram @ landinw