Toyota Sprinter Sideways at Jack's Hill, Wanneroo

Tom shows us how fast a Toyota Sprinter can go through the finishing line sideways at the 13 September 2008 round of the AMR Speed Event Series round at Jack's Hill, Wanneroo, Perth W.Australia. The timing gear survived to live another day! And Tom won his class.

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S14 200SX - Jacks Hill Climb 21 Oct 2007
S14 200SX tackles hill climb on new course layout at Jack's Hill Wannneroo, West Australia, as part of the AMR Speed Event Series in a time of 54.7717sec = 1st in class 5B and 7th overall from 59 competitors.

Evo2RS Jack's Hill Climb incar
AMR Speed series 13 Sept 2008

EF SiR CRX Jacks Hill Climb
1990 Honda CRX SiR, being driven @ Jack's Hill in Perth, WA.

AMR speed event series round 13 action
some exiting moments of the AMR speed event series