Taylor's Stanced Mazda 3

Shot with Canon T2I Sigma 17-50mm Flycam Nano Steadicam

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Taylor/Mazda 3
This video was shot about a year and a half ago. One of my first videos really. This car looks completly different to date, hope to get another one up shortly! Please "LIKE" on facebook.com/GhostFilmWorks

Hey guys and girls, this is a really short vid of mazda3 that are stances hellaflush and just lowered. I was board so i thought i would put some pics that i found on google and make vid with them. ALL PICTURES ARE NOT INTEDED FOR COPYRIGHT THEY ARE THE PROPERY OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER. THANKS AND ENJOYY!! MUSIC IS FROM ITS METRO GENOME (YOUTUBE USERNAME) Ellie Goulding - Lights