Voltex and Top Fuel wind tunnel testing the S2000s new aero!

We check out the guys from Top Fuel and Voltex doing final aero testing before sending their awesome S2000 to Australia for World Time Attack!

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Aero with Andrew Brilliant - JET200 Ver 4 Part 4 - Road to World Time Attack 14
Aero has changed the landscape of time attack. One man who has been a driving force behind it is Andrew Brilliant from AMB Aero. We bought Andrew in to help with JET200 for Version 4, and although we can't give away his secrets or IP, we did sit him down to talk about the world of aero.

Sports Car Aerodynamics: Spoiler Alert!
How does a spoiler effect the performance of a car? License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://k12videos.mit.edu/terms-conditions

【開発レポート】S2000 TUNING PROJECT/Vol.2 エキマニ・触媒チューニング
HONDA S2000をベースに楽しいチューニングカーに仕上げ いく、S2000 TUNING PROJECT。 その第2回目は、1回目のマフラーチューニングに引き続 、エキゾーストチューニングの次のステップ、エキゾ ストマニフォール­ドとメタルキャタライザーのご紹 。 ●●●HKSオフィシャルムービーです●●● 商品情報や車載映像などアップしていきます。 ぜひ、お楽しみ下さい。 This is HKS official movie. We will upload the product information and onboard movie from now. Please enjoy our movie!

SS Works CRX Time Attack @Tsukuba
Time Attack em Tsukuba com os carros: J's Racing Fit, SS Works CRX, ASM S2000, Esprit NSX turbo e Top Fuel S2000 em Tsukuba.