MUSTANG Engine Bay Smoothing

hours and hours wraped up into 8 minutes of welding holes, body fill skim coat, sanding, painting.

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Scott Rod Panels SN95
Slap Disk : Cutting Wheel : Evercoat Metal Glaze: Evercoat Extreme Rage:

mustang coupe 331 stroker smoothed and shaved engine bay
All this work was done by me with no!! experience what so ever in body work, and slight experience in welding ....... and also not much in painting! After 2 months of working in short periods of time this was the results ! hope you enjoy ! special thanks to my girlfriend for the money she let me borrow lol! an to my dad ,bro an cuz.......

Project Notch Shaved Bay Part 1
Part 1 of the engine bay shave on the Notch! Next is Paint!

foxbody engine bay_0001.wmv
smoothing a foxbody engine bay