Xterra at Box Canyon, AZ

2006 Xterra Offroad climbing the wash near Box Canyon, AZ.

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Xterra at Poison Spider Mesa in Moab Utah (AZ-Ted)
AZ-Ted's Nissan Xterra Offroad 4x4 climbing The Wedgy on Poison Spider Mesa trail in Moab, Utah.

Xterra vs Mud
At Box Car Cove, the shore has been underwater for about 50 years until just recently, so people get stuck there all the time. Since we had a truck with a winch (from Walker Towing's 4x4 recovery), we decided to see how close we could get to the water before we got stuck, and why exactly people got stuck so easy (the mud cakes around the tires, quickly turning them into nothing more than racing slicks).

Aventura X-Terra
Viagem de aventura com um Nissan X-Terra de um cliente da Camping's World, empresa brasileira que fábrica e vende as barracas automotivas, que inclusive pode ser vista encima da X-Terra neste vídeo. Para conhecer mais os nossos produtos, acesse: www.campingsworld.com.br

Xterra Pro-4X on back road to Crown King
Here are a couple shots of our family taking the Pro-4X up the first part of the Crown King trail.