Toyota Tundra 5.7 aFe stage 2 cai drive w/ windows down

short drive in tundra after installing aFe stage 2 cai

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2010 Tundra Crewmax New Volant Air Intake
Before and after volant air intake install. Sounds awesome! Definitely can feel a better throttle response when you gun it its instant power and doesn't hesitate at all like it would before. 0-60 feels a little faster but once past 60 it really pulls a lot harder then it use to!

Sound of aFe Air Intake on Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8
Sound clips of an aFe air intake installed on a Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 L V8. We tested this kit and were impressed with the power it added. Please see our install video and website for our test results.

Truck-Re-Birth of a Monster
Volant Intake and Exhaust on 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7L V8

Toyota Tundra aFe Intake System Magnum FORCE Stage 2 Si Pro 5R 5.7L 2007-2015 -5-7l-toyota-tundra-2007-2015/p/5481174/ This aFe Magnum FORCE Pro 5R Stage 2 Si Intake System is for 2007-2015 Toyota Tundras with a 5.7L Engine. CJ Pony Parts wants you to know, replacing your air intake when you want to increase the performance on your 2007-2015 Toyota Tundra with a 5.7 Liter Engine is an important step towards improvement. aFe meets today's modern truck driver performance expectations by giving you an outflow of your factory intake by up to fifty percent with this air intake system! Streamlining the installation process for you, aFe has included all the required mounting hardware! Featuring a washable polyurethane filter and Dyno-tested intake tube for maximum airflow and velocity, meaning quicker throttle response and increased performance for your Tundra! Check out more Toyota Tundra parts from CJ's here: Check out more aFe parts from CJ's here: Subscribe to CJ Pony Parts on YouTube here: