ford ranger 1989

restauration de mon ford ranger 4x4 1989

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1989 Ford Ranger GT
This is a walk around of my rare 1989 Ranger GT. I have been a fan of the GT Rangers for years and was able to pick this on up about 2 years ago locally. I also have an 88 GT Ranger that I just recently purchased.

1989 FORD RANGER V8 Fuel Injected Mustang 5.0L
My 1989 Ford Ranger Driving around.

lifted 1989 Ford ranger
getting Big blue out from its slumber in the barn. lifted 1989 Ford ranger here is the link of the truck be for it was rolled.

1985 ford ranger 4x4 rock crawling
my 1985 ford ranger 4x4 rock crawling of decent sized rocks at the mini Rubicon at Samoa beach. comments are welcome ideas are as well