JMS Racing: Breaking 1000hp with a Terminator Cobra on the dyno!!!

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JMS Racing - 1476hp Terminator Cobra on Dyno
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1000+ HP Cobra.mp4
1000+ HP Cobra

30psi compound boost turbo cobra mustang 1000 + horsepower dyno
Look at the bottom of the drag radial twist under load.Twin 76s through the stock blower on e98.

1200hp+ Compound Boost TERMINATOR Cobra [ROLL RACE]
This unsuspecting BEAST of a Cobra surprised us at Texas Invitational, as it pulled up to the burnout box only slightly louder than FACTORY, the driver floors it unleashing the crazy sound that the twin 76mm turbo's flowing through the stock ported blower produced! Not only did it sound crazy at WOT, this Mustang RIPPED people out of the hole leaving their jaws dropped as they gave it all they had to pull past at the top-end