My 96 Civic EX Coupe, 96 Civic DX Coupe, 90 CRX SI, and my 93 Civic Hatchback

I still own both 96 Coupes, but the rest of the cars I have owned within the past two months.... Enjoy. UPDATE: All of these cars are sold. I now have a 97 civic four door and a 93 Civic Del sol. Gonna have video of them soon!!

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Honda Civic Coupe Tribute (90's Civic)
Tribute to the greatest cars ever created. I couldn't care to drive anything else once I got Honda. I have a great passion for Japanese imports and none on earth greater than a 90's model Civic coupe tricked out.

96 honda civic coupe ej
this is my civic coupe it has a b18c4 bottom end with gsr head and itr cams valves and retainers s80 4.4fd gear box it was originally a d16y8 sohc vtec

96 civic d16 exhaust
magnaflow muffler

1996 Honda Civic Coupe (EX)
Just a lil slide show of my coupe.