Toyota Sequoia 5,7 VS Cadillac Escalade 6,2

سكليد vs سكويا مساير40 و سجبني على الفصلة

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Toyota Tundra 5.7L VS Escalade Ext 6.2L
Truck Description's 2011 TOYOTA TUNDRA 4X4 Limited -All stock on 22"s 4 Door Crewmax 2011 ESCALADE EXT AWD -All stock also.

camry v6 vs sequoia V8
am pretty sure that this crazy sequoia is upgraded OBX short headers + Magnaflow mid pipe + turbo muffler + Air intake system

PS: both of GMC SIERRA 5.3L & TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 4.0L V6 are tuned up modified ملاحظه: كل من الجمس سييرا وتايوتا اف جاي كروزر معدله ومخففه وليست ستوك

LET'S OFF-ROAD! - FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, and Hummer H3 Off-Road on Rattlesnake Trail
Hey guys! This video was filmed after school had finished for the 2012-1013 year and on my second to last day in Utah before moving back to Colorado. I decided to go hit up Rattlesnake Canyon/Rattlesnake Trail at 5 Mile Pass one last time and I was able to get the new president of the UVU Off-Road Adventure Club to come (Spencer in his Hummer H3) as well as my uncle (Adam in the Sequoia). We had a pretty good time but it became obvious that having a diff locker makes life a ton easier. We thought the Sequoia had one but we realized after already being on the trail that this was not the case, so in a lot of situations, as you'll see, he had to bump it or just gun it. And I think for the Sequoia, having that V8, was what got it through without the use of straps. What a brave soul Adam was! Sorry about the bent rear lower link though! Hope you enjoy the video and please subscribe! And be sure to check out Hayden Cook's other videos such as the "Let's FJ!" videos and "Let's Off-Road!" videos!