2JZ 93 Mustang first start and idle

2JZ swapped into a 93 LX coupe, makes over 500 wheel through a turbo 400 on 20lbs of Boost w/pt67

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Fast Cars @ SP - Ozz's 1500whp Turbo Camaro & Sij's 1600whp 2JZ 240SX
What's your favorite? Ozz's turbo Camaro or Sij's 2JZ 240SX? Almost 3000whp between just these two cars!!! October 2012

Finally running 2jz mustang!!!
2jzge-t Mustang

93 mustang out for a drive powered by E98
turbo Mustang 15lbs off Boost, just getting after it a little.

2JZ Mustang fired up again after motor RnR and Wiring changes