Roach Racing - Mazda MX6 vs Lexus IS300

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Darth Vader's 7sec Rotary Mazda MX6
Who knew Darth Vader had a 7sec Mazda Mx6 rotary?

Roach Racing - MX6 vs RX7
1994 Mazda MX6 LS vs Mazda RX7 Stephen Schilling Driver (Roach): Stephen Schilling

Team ss 350Z vs Mx6 vs Accord
A little run with team ss's Nissan 350z, 95 Mazda Mx6, 98 Honda accord. All V6's

Mazda MX6 V6 Turbo: Cheapest Basic Turbo Setup
If I forgot anything, I'll put it in the description here! This is basically what you need to turbo a KL MX6 for up to 8 Psi