Porsche 911 Carrera RS 1973. Extreme clone for sale.

The rebuild of this wonderful 911 RS clone has been made saving NO efforts what so ever regarding costs and time to achieve authenticity in every detail. This car is pristine in every aspect. The rebuild was based on a 911 Carrera 1987 with a G50 gearbox. Enjoy the show!

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Porsche 911 RS 2011 von dp motorsport 870kg!!!
dp11-RS2011 heißt das neu überarbeitete Karosseriedesign von dp motorsport. Es lehnt an der bekannten Optik des 911 3.0 RSR an, die um das ganze Fahrzeug herum übermodelliert wurde. Die Schürzen und Seitenschweller haben mehr Bodennähe bekommen, und die Radläufe wuden der Bereifung besser angepasst. Ein Kenner sieht sofort die perfektionierten Details dieser Karosserie. Die Aussenhaut dieses Renners wurde komplett aus Carbon gefertigt, um ein möglichst geringes Gesamtgewicht zu erzeugen. Das Ergebnis 870kg Leergewicht!!! Sehen sie selbst...

Kremer Porsche 911
A close-up look at Erwin Kremer's version of the '73 Carrera RS 2.7.

Porsche Singer 911: The Coolest Porsche Ever?
Singer Design in California has created a Porsche 911 that isn't a restoration, it's a new car. No system has been left unrefined and the base for the car is the iconic 1970's Porsche R and RS. If it drives as good as it's constructed, it could the best example of a 911 ever made. The Drive Channel

1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 Clone Full Throttle RGruppe German Sports Car PMO
Full throttle acceleration and having a blast in my 1973 Porsche Carrera RS clone. 2161 lbs. 2.7 liter air-cooled flat-6 heaven, 7000 RPMs, PMO carbs, JE Pistons, Electromotive Crank-Fire, OMP Carbon/Kevlar seats, 4-point roll bar, Suspension and alignment perfected by Pacific Power Motorsports, 2-out sport Exhaust, Safecraft 5-point custom racing harness, stiff torsion bars and Weltmister sway bar. The engine sound is much better and louder in person than this video can show. This car is truly at home on the track blasting through a corner at 90mph at full throttle. It's a raw driving experience that is nothing like a modern car.