Hannu mikkola back in a mk.2 escort.

Hannu mikkola driving a well prepared mk.2 escort at the 2007 rallyday castle combe,wilts,uk.

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The 1979 RAC Rally
A video from the last day of the 1979 RAC Rally. Won by Hannu Mikkola and Arne Hertz in their Escort.

Hannu Mikkola attacks Goodwood Rally Stage in classic Escort
Former World Rally Champion Hannu Mikkola chats Festival of Speed and drives a Ford escort on the rally stage and Audi Quattro up the hill

Pure Mark 2 Magic 8 Mark 2 Escape
Out now on www.waylanderrallyclips.co.uk also coming soon on www.rally.ie Get your copy

Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 "Maximum Attack" - 1985 1000 Lakes Rally
Stig Blomqvist and Hannu Mikkola flying through the finish country side in there Audi Sport Quattro E2's. Stig would go on to finish the rally in 2nd place while Hannu retired his sport quattro after a troubled rally. Group B rally.