Mitsubishi Eclipse dyno run (500+ hp!)

1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX on the Dynojet Dyno at Mach V Motorsports. This car is highly modified, with a 2.6 liter block, 1250cc fuel injectors, PTE 6262 turbocharger, built heads, AEM engine management, and much more. This pull (blue line on graph) is on C16 race fuel. The lower red line, for comparison, is on 93 octane pump gas. Third gear (of five). SAE correction 1.00. Mach V Motorsports 45690 Elmwood Ct. #170 Sterling, VA 20166 (571) 434-8333

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2g Eclipse Gsx Dyno Run 322whp/290wtq
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gsx 2.0L 6Bolt 8.5:1 Wiseco1400hd/ Manley H Beams EvoIII16G at 20Psi Modified By KC Dyno Day: 322whp/290wtq

Из Mitsubishi Eclipse сделал Lamborghini Reventon! (Lamborghini from a Mitsubishi)
Alexander out of his Mitsubishi Eclipse (2003) made the Lamborghini Reventon! He worked for 2 years. ----------------------------------------- Одессит Александр, из своей Mitsubishi Eclipse (2003 года) сделал Lamborghini Reventon! На работу ушло 2 года. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Ламборджини Ламборгини своими руками Lamborghini Reventon Replica Lamborghini Reventón - хенд-мейд от одесского мастера

TurboXS turbo-back exhaust for 2008+ Subaru WRX STI
This is some footage of our shop 2008 Subaru WRX STI, equipped with a turboXS turbo-back Exhaust system. It's a street legal system with a catalytic converter. This Exhaust system will also fit all 2011+ Subaru WRX hatchback models. Other visible modifications include Rota D-Force wheels (18x9.5"), 265/35R18 tires, and a Seibon carbon fiber hood. Mach V Motorsports 45690 Elmwood Ct #170 Sterling, VA 20166 (571) 434-8333

Mitsubishi eclipse GSX 95-99
This is a video i made of other peoples mitsubishi eclipse because it is my favorite car. Please Rate High and Subscribe. message me about what you think about the video. comment, rate, subscribe. any questions just hit me up. GO SUBSCRIBE TO WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/OFFICIALMALIQ song:fort minor- remember the name go check it out Please subscribe! VIDEO #2 NOW ON MY PAGE!