Mustang and AMC Spirit racing hard

This is a great video from '05 The spirit has about 500 hp so does the red Mustang my 97 had 273 hp.

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Fat 'N Furious: 1969 AMC SC Rambler, a Street Racing Marvel
The Christmas Automotive boys have one fine vehicle to play with. Video provided by DISCOVERY, used with permission.

Turbo AMC Spirit DL 2014 GRM Challenge flapping
1982 AMC Spirit DL with a turbo 4.0L running at the 2014 GRM challenge AutoX. Cut the tire at the begining of the run, wait for the very end of the video

this is a clip from a 60 minute video avalible on ebay featuring factory sponcered American Motors racing from the 1970s. Race driver Mark Donahue is seen in this clip.

GLD - Fun Racing - AMC Hornet Testing - 11-10-12 (HD)
an AMC Hornet doing license runs.