Mustang and AMC Spirit racing hard

This is a great video from '05 The spirit has about 500 hp so does the red Mustang my 97 had 273 hp.

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08 Shelby GT 500 vs AMC Spirit
steve in his Shelby and i'm in my AMC, just a little stop light action

24 Horas de Nürburgring 1979 - AMC Spirit Team
Un documento excepcional que nos muestra la alocada aventura de dos AMC Spirit en Nürburgring, junto a un actor famoso (James Brolin) y... un instructor manco.

AMC 401Gremlin vs SVT Cobra
second round takes out cobra

80 AMC Spirit autocross MVSCC Kil Kare 6/30/13
80 amc spirit at MVSCC autocross event June 30,13 Kil Kare