Shelby V8 SOUND !!!

Nikola records Shelby Cobra 427 Starting Up and leaving in Wasserbillig , Luxembourg ... This American beast has 425 BHP and reaches top speed of 164 mph (262 km/h) . I don't know much about this type of cars so any information sent in the comment box will be welcomed ... All feedback is appreciated! Thanks for watching, Nikola Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on FLICKR:

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Crazy Maserati MC Stradale doing DONUTS !
Insane matte black Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale revving hard and making donut / Burnout !! MUST SEE !! Basically this is what happened. I was staying in my grandmothers village with some friends when this matte black Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale showed up (believe me there were only few supercars there in the last 5 years). The owner was very friendly, he let me film few revs and he even did some kind of burnout / donut. He brought some excitement between the people there :) For more, visit my facebook page:

PURE V8 Sound - C63 AMG Edition 507
Back in august i found this wonderful rare supercar on a local car event and managed to film it revving for more than 2 minutes, here you can see what i caught on tape. Watching this video you will hear some others cars revving in the background (Murcielago LP640 and M5 F10 w/ Akrapovic Exhaust) Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for the next crazy video. All feedback is appreciated: visit my facebook page: Follow me on INSTAGRAM @nikolaben

Akrapovic Exhaust - BMW M5 F10 SOUND !!!
This certainly has to be one the best sounding M5 F10 on the road, i know there are lot louder ones, but i honestly prefer this one. At low revs it makes low growling sound which can compare to the one of 63 AMG turbo engines. The car also has VOSSEN wheels which look great in my opinion. Stay tuned for more

Audi S7 with AWE Tuning Exhausts - SOUND
I found this car at a local car wash and managed to record the sound from the brutal AWE Exhaust system. It makes big difference compared to the stock sound, especially when it revs :) Enjoy the video. Like me on facebook: