Sand Rail Racing Bithlo Mud Racing 7/17/10


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A movie from the epic Formula Offroad NEZ-championship in Skien, Norway this year. Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen, Insane Racing in cooperation with Arnstein Bostad Dune TV, Busted Knuckle Films and Skien has the longest and steepest sand hills in Scandinavia and makes a great show down full of crazy actions when the best Formula Off Road drivers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland meet! The cars have from 600 to 1200 HP and can do some insane climbs with those huge paddle tires! Picture by Lars Mårtensson! Equipment: CAMERAS: Canon G30 Canon G10 Canon HF S200 Canon HF 11 Panasonic HC-X900 ACTION CAMERAS: 18 x GoPro 2 x Extreme Cam RC-COPTERS: Cinestar 8 with 360 Gimble - QAV 500, Alexmos Controller DJI Phantom Zenmuse Gimble OTHER: 2 x JAG35 Shoulder rig GLIDE CAM HD 1000 Extreme Hill Climb Crash Insane Jump

Blower 4x4 Mud Drags Kelly O'Dell Choice One Motorsports Class 5 Bloomsburg Pa
Thank God Kelly was Okay and was getting the rail ready for the next day . I'm so sorry to the rest of Class 5 i was so worried about Kelly that i went to find out if he was Okay or what.. we went back to get more videos but as a friend of mine just went in the Ambulance i could not think of anything but Kelly and the Team so we took off .. again will have more check out our website at

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