Retrieving abandoned logging equipment from the woods

MORE INFO IN DESCRIPTION We found this large log grapple wile harvesting some trees on my Grandfather's property outside of Olympia Washington. Hey I wrote a book, a book about zombies. What can I say I love me a good zombie apocalypse story. You can get it on Kindle, check it out? I would love some feedback and maybe if you liked it could you help me out a leave a review? Thanks!

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Forgotten John Deere 992D Excavator
Retired rusting road gear,left to grow trees around them.The john deere 992 excavator was quite an unusual sight

Cat D8 Abandoned in the woods.
Pre-1947 cat D-8 Left in the deep woods.

Stolen Tractors
Detectives track down stolen tractors. charles ely reports.

Exploding Log
In 2006 Sam was asked to make furniture from another large bur oak tree that had come down in a storm. The tree came from a private yard and at over six feet in diameter was too large for any local bandsaw mill. After moving the log with a bulldozer and trimming it with 60" chainsaws, experts were contracted to quarter it with black powder explosives. More info: http:/ DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF! THIS SHORT CLIP OFFERS NO INSTRUCTIONAL INFORMATION ON THE PROPER USE OF EXPLOSIVES. Video courtesy of Dan Hadley.