Mazda Protege, N2MB Racing WOT BOX, WOT Shifting

Mazda Protege, N2MB Racing WOT BOX w/ 2-Step, WOT Shifting. it's holding about 5-7psi through shifts

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Mazda Protege Turbo 1/8 Mile 9.14 @ 81.6MPH
turbo Mazda Protege T3/tO4E 10 PSI. 1/8 Mile: 9.14 @ 81.6MPH 2.26 60' sorry for the shit quality, my brother used the zoom on a still camera that uses digital zoom during video and obviously comes out like shit.

N2MB Racing WOT Box Dodge Dart
2013 Dodge Dart 1.4L turbo First WOT Box on the Dodge Dart!