saab 9000 CS promo 1993

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How Good is a Tuned Saab? - /TUNED
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SAAB 9000 Serpentine Belt Replacement
This video is not meant as a how-to or instructional video. It was put up to show friends and to play with the GoPro time lapse feature. The basic process is as follows: Buy your new belt and pulleys (I like Chock rear wheels, jack up car, use good jackstands, you'll be under there a little bit! Remove right front wheel, remove fender liner. Release belt tension, I use a socket wrench with a big 'cheater bar' or pipe on the end for leverage (bolt is LH thread) and a helper to remove the old belt. See here as well if you want to keep the tensioner compressed: Replace pulleys (if you're in there, replace the pulleys while you're already there, they are cheap). Install new belt, watch your fingers when the tensioner is compressed, give your buddy a beer for his/her help! Start the engine, check that belt runs properly, turn off engine. Double check that pulley bolts are torqued properly. Re-install fender liner and wheel. Take it for a spin! ***the audio is a bit messed up, it loops twice for some reason, the engine was only started once

saab 9000 CD safety advertisement 1991

FAST +520 HP Saab 9000 AERO Vs E55 AMG 400 HP (No S/C) 50-300 Km/h
A really fast Saab 9000 AERO with fully a built engine, +520 HP. E55 has headers,Exhaust and ECU ~ 400 HP.