sleeper wagon oldsmobile 350 rocket.

78 station wagon i bought for $50 and blew the tiny v6 oops so i found this 350 olds rocket lying in my grandpas barn and stuffed it in the car upgraded to 11.5:1 compression this thing should fly in the near future.

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83 buick regal big block wagon
budget build.holeshot,walkaround,and plenty of reving!

Dan Crampton, a muscle car collector from Streator, Il. with hotshot racer Steve Quickel at the wheel of his '70 Chevelle Wagon, embarrases the GTR with a 11.27@118.99mph, as the near $100k sportscar runs an 11.50@120.46mph. Dan's Chevelle Wagon has changed hands on multiple occasions between himself and street racer king Greg "Bubba" Taylor from Rockford, Il. Dan would like to give special thanks to Rodney,Keith and Libby "The Wagon Lady" Brockman for finding the rust free wagon in Huntington Beach California while vacationing about 18 years ago! As for the wagon it's a 1970 Chevelle Wagon weighing in at a portly 4565 lbs. with a pump gas, 533 cubic inch short deck Chevrolet engine with untouched aluminum small port cylinder heads backed by a full manual column shifted turbo 400 transmission by b+c trans of Rockford and a Midwest 10 inch converter also of Rockford, Il. A gear vendors overdrive was installed and has worked flawlessly for years including a '13 Hot Rod Drag Week trip of 3500 miles towing a trailer. The wagon also features a strange brute strength Dana rear end with a 456 ratio. No power adders have been added as of yet, but are on the list! Best time to date is a 10:93 at 121 mph with Steve behind the wheel. Look for the wheels up launches this coming spring at Byron!

mustang eater 10 sec . fast caprice station wagon
this is my wagons first run on juice! fun ride. 700 hp on motor, 280 shot of Nitrous, the car weighs 4700lb! 10.65 @ 130 through full Exhaust

FOR SALE: G Body Oldsmobile Wagon Cutlass Turbo Grand Natio
FOR SALE: G Body Oldsmobile Wagon Cutlass turbo Grand National Power! Have you ever dreamt of embarrassing every Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ford Lightning, or "boy racer" in his Camaro or Mustang on your way to the grocery store with the windows up and A/C on? You are looking at the ultimate "Sleeper" that started life as an all original rust free, 67,000 mile 6 cylinder Oldsmobile Custom Cutlass Wagon. Please take the time to view all of the included pictures. The floors and frame are in remarkable condition! The car is a one off creation by a retired engineer and life long hot rodder/ car builder who just happens to have a thing for "G Body" wagons! No, it is not his first, but it is the fastest one he has created and at the same time, it is the most docile in traffic. It is powered by a 1986 Buick Regal Grand National turbo V6. The engine was professionally rebuilt, balanced, and blue printed by Weber Racing of Ohio with NO EXPENSE SPARED! Highlights of the engine rebuild: Billet main Caps (center 3) Forged Pistons (.020 over) Balanced Stock Crank and rods Block was line bored and decked Com Roller Cam .212/.210 Heads resurfaced .005 and gasket matched on intake and Exhaust ports New fuel tank with Walbar 340 in-tank fuel pump. -6 Aeroquip AN braided feed and return lines 60 lb flow-matched injectors RAZOR methanol injection New (250 miles) 6265 Billet Precision ball bearing turbo Charger Internal Waste Gate with 3 ½ inch down pipe into a 4 inch Exhaust Front mounted Kenny Bell Big Boy Intercooler Power Logger for recording engine data The "BUILT" Grand National Engine is mated to a highly modified TH400 Transmission specifically built for this application. It features an Edge Racing 2800 Stall Converter and dual Transmission coolers. One is fan cooled. The other is mounted behind the bumper with a custom one-off inlet and grill fabricated just for this car. The transmission NEVER runs above 170 degrees. Most of the time it runs at 160 degrees or lower. The floor mounted B&M Ratchet Shifter will have you thinking its 1970 all over again! The rear axle is a rebuilt Grand National posi unit with 3.42:1 gears. The upper rear control arms are H&R adjustables while the lowers are stock units that have been boxed in. It rides on M/T drag radials. Behind the wheel you are treated to a custom Auto Meter gauge package that includes: A scanner Fuel pressure Boost pressure Pyrometer Tachometer Oil pressure Transmission temperature Water Temperature Volts Fuel Level ... and More! The car has been driven 2,500 miles since completion to dial everything in. It goes LIKE HELL and handles surprisingly well. The wagon received a base coat/ clear coat re-spray during the build. It is so tame in traffic that it is truly a car you could live with every day. How fast is it? Two runs down the ¼ mile at Palm Beach Raceway (Moroso) of 11.4 and 11.3 seconds respectfully. Both runs were "easy starts" by pulling away from the line. The car is running the stock Grand National computer that is at it limits. If the new owner wants to break into the 10's a "FAST SYSTEM" computer upgrade will allow for 100lb injectors to be used. Call 772-285-1460 for more information