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Tulsa Story :This is a video pictorial of the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 15, 1957 as a time capsule. It was uncovered 50 years later on June 15, 2007. I was hoping to see a pristine version of "Miss Belvedere", but as it turned out, the vault leaked and filled with water, causing much damage to the automobile. As a car enthusiast, I watched the story develop over the past few years. I waited and watched it live online as she was extracted from the ground. When I saw the rust-colored dirt and muck on her, I had a bad feeling about her condition. I wish the person who won this car (by guessing the closest to the town's actual 2007 population back in 1957) could have it restored, but that would be a massive undertaking. On the other hand, she should get a chance to dance again! I hope you enjoy the video, along with some before, during, and after photos. update the winner of this car was Raymond Humbertson died in 1979 he was Marine and a Korean War veteran he has 2 sisters who may inherit he car Thanks, Chris Miss Belvedere Moves On By Old Cars Weekly After spending nearly 50 years quietly rusting beneath the Tulsa County Courthouse lawn, the 1957 Plymouth Belvedere affectionately known as "Miss Belvedere," is on the road once again. Don't get too excited, when she rolled out of Tulsa earlier today, it wasn't under her own power—she was whisked out of town in the back of a truck. After months of legal wrangling to establish ownership of what is clearly the most famous "finned" Mopar in the world (yes, even more famous than Stephen King's "infamous" Christine), Miss Belvedere has begun her journey to New Jersey — and possibly a rust-free future. Levada Humbertson Carney and Catherine Humbertson Johnson, elderly sisters from Maryland, will officially take possession of the Belvedere as beneficiaries of their brother Raymond Humbertson who won the car as part of a contest held back in 1957. Buried with the car was a time capsule containing people's guesses as to what the population of Tulsa would be in 2007. Included among the hundreds of guesses, was one made by Raymond Humbertson of Cumberland, Md., who died in 1979. His guess was only 2,286 off the actual census numbers, closer than any other entry. Assisting the cars elderly owners will be Levada Carney's son Robert Carney and Dwight Foster, President of the UltraOne Corporation. As you will recall, as part of this ongoing saga, New Jersey-based UltraOne, manufacturer of a line of rust removal products, will now begin the pain-staking process of de-rusting and preserving what remains of the rusty relic. According to Robert Carney, the car, which suffers from extensive damage after being submerged in conditions described as a "watery grave" for an unknown number of years, may eventually be able to take to the road under her own power. Once Miss Belvedere arrives in New Jersey she will undergo a lengthy cleansing and rust removal process that her new owners and the folks at UltraOne hope will stabilize the car before sealing it with a clear-coat designed to halt the rusting process. "We will not be restoring the car but preserving her for the future," Mr. Foster told the Tulsa World. "We have to stop the rust, because if nothing is done, this car will be dust in two years." According to the UltraOne Web site, future plans for Miss Belvedere could include a second Tulsa unveiling and a tour around the country for special events. Following the tour, the car's future remains unclear. However, it has speculated that the car could find her way to the Barrett-Jackson auction block in Scottsdale in the coming years. we will miss you the legend Boyd Coddington,

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Preserving Miss Belvedere
Dwight Foster of Ultra One is on a mission to preserve Miss Belvedere, a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere that was buried in a time capsule for Tulsa, Oklahoma's 50 anniversary in 1957. When the capsule was opened last year, instead of a shiny '57 Belvedere, they found a car covered with rust because the concrete vault had leaked. With a little patience, and rust remover, Foster is going to preserve the car for the future.

Tulsa's Buried Belvedere: Official Documentary final trailer
Check out the official site: belvederedvd.com June 15th 1957, a brand new Plymouth Belvedere was buried along with a time capsule outside the courthouse in downtown Tulsa, OK, as part of Oklahoma's semi-centennial, and the Tulsarama! festivities. For 50 years they sat buried, but in June of 2007, Tulsarama! returned and the story continued. Avcom Productions of Tulsa, OK, followed the journey to unearth Miss Belvedere over several months, capturing exclusive footage all along the way. This look back at one of the most intriguing time capsules every created will include 50 year old footage from the original 1957 Tulsarama!, as well as interviews with the burial participants and observers, the unearthing and unveiling from June 2007, and all the exciting events that surrounded the return of Miss Belvedere.

1957 Plymouth - Tulsa, Christine and our Miss Belvedere Part 1
Here's the first chapter in a series where we re-commission a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere. The car was the restoration project of a past owner and is currently in an unfinished state. I was told from the seller (who bought it from the chap who began the restoration) that the bulk of the work was carried out between 2006, when the car was sold to him, until around 2010. The car then changed hands in 2012. Please make sure to Google Miss Belvedere and the events surrounding her in Tulsa in June 1957 and again in June 2007 and also be sure to take a look at Christine. There's lots of information including interesting trivia and photographs as well - what's particularly interesting are the photos of all the redundant Christines in the junk yard post production. Please also take a look at Chrysler's production showcasing a couple of the Forward Look cars as designed by Virgil Exner... I think the film must have been shot in 1955. The URL is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6L0ykX9lPU Google Miss Belvedere and Tulsarama Cheers and thanks to everyone for their ongoing support. Peter.

Miss Belvedere
First, they buried her. Then they dug her up. But, boy, did she have a surprise in store for them! Filmed and edited by Nick Dyer, JHS '09 and Alex England, JHS '10. Music composed and performed by Doug Fishback. Photos by Myles Jaeschke.