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Scoping Out Engine Mechanical Faults

This video is a trailer of the Motor Age webinar covering Engine Mechanical Faults. To get the full video please buy the Scoping Out Engine Mechanical Faults webinar at: https://www.passthease.com/training-videos/scoping-out-engine-problems For the latest tips and upcoming live online training, sign up for our newsletter! http://www.SearchAutoParts.com/ForTechs Loss of seal in the combustion chamber, especially if that loss is intermittent, can be time consuming to diagnose and confirm with traditional testing methods. In addition, volumetric efficiency losses caused by problems like valve timing shifts, improper variable valve timing operation, and restricted Exhausts can also be difficult to nail down. But by using the power of an automotive lab scope and a few accessories, technicians can reduce their troubleshooting time and confirm faults that would otherwise elude them. And that's the topic of this Motor Age/TST webcast featuring guest expert Bernie Thompson of Automotive Test Solutions. Click this link to subscribe to Motor Age! http://bit.ly/MA_YT_freesub


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Using Idle Air Control (IAC) position to ID a vacuum leak
This is the first of two case studies that will re-enforce my "Vacuum leak testing without a smoke machine" video/lecture.

Signal Circuit Integrity Update for my Ebook
This video is mainly for my eBook owners. I would like you to add this additional information to your book. How to safely check a sensor signal wire for opens and shorts without having to disconnect the computer and use an ohmmeter.

basic voltage drop testing for automotive electrical testing
How to use your meter to measure voltage drop in a automotive electrical circuit. I do diagnostic jobs for many repair shops in my area, and one thing I see all the time is the misdiagnosis of circuits and parts " hung" that do not fix anything all due to improper testing.

2010 Subaru 2.5 Variable Valve Lift Solenoid and Switch Testing
This video is a great review of Section 2 "Switch Inputs" and Section 3 "Transistor drivers and Output Solenoids" in my eBook. On this system the intake valve lift is varied by two different cam lobes. A low lift lobe and a high lift lobe. I misspoke in the video calling this a variable valve timing or VTEC mechanism. This system does not vary cam timing, but it does vary intake valve lift.

Labscope Relative Compression Testing
Sometimes it's very hard to gain access to spark plugs in order to perform a compression test. Here is how to do a relative compression test with a labscope.

Fuel System Testing: Motor Age/TST November 2011 Webinar
In this Delphi sponsored webcast, Delphi's Dave Hobbs and TST's G. Jerry Truglia share tips and techniques to streamline your fuel system testing process. Click this link to subscribe to Motor Age! http://bit.ly/MA_YT_freesub

Labscope coil ramping 1
Part 1 of 2 on how to use a lab scope for current ramping and how to identify a good & bad coil.

Starter Voltage Drop
In-Time Electrical Training — An explanation of the starter voltage drop test, with a real shop example. www.brighterideas.com

Testing Evidence and Logic part 2
Part 2 in this series

2005 Trailblazer 4.2 #6 cylinder misfire
Case study on a 4.2l C.O.P engine with a misfire. For more info. on my Ebook go to www.autocomputerstroubleshooting.com How to perform an injector balance test with a scan tool.

AEM Performance Electronics - What is Volumetric Efficiency (VE)?
AEM engineers explain what volumetric efficiency (VE) in an internal combustion engine is, and what mechanical components of an engine can affect volumetric efficiency.

Piston and valves inspection with RIGEL video borescope .wmv
New RIGEL video borescope from Medit for all kind of automotive remote visual inspection. http://www.fiberscope.net/rigel-360-degree-2-way-articulating-video-boresco pe.html Ultimate articulation and great image quality. • Ø 5.5mm insertion probe diameter • 2-way tip Articulation, 180 degrees in each direction. 120 degrees for 3 meter probes in each direction • 360 degree rotation of the probe on the monitor Precise visibility is in your hand, with excellent tip articulation and full circular rotation in this versatile narrow RIGEL video borescope. The new fast CMOS Video Camera chip (60 fps@AVGA), located in the tip, provides an exact view of the inspection area. Four LED lights provide brilliant illumination and even lighting in the darkest areas. Light intensity is controlled by simple buttons on the monitor, virtually eliminating over-lighting and glare when inspecting reflective or metallic surfaces. The bright, vivid 3.5" monitor provides you with detailed clear images, making this multipurpose unit highly useful for a wide range of situations. All live and stored images are displayed in color on the integrated LCD screen with a resolution of 720x480 pixels. More videoscopes on www.fiberscope.net

No-Code Diagnostics with Bernie Thompson
Bernie Thompson of Automotive Test Solutions in this DVD covers how to diagnose vehicles with and without codes by being a pro with your labscope. There are many tricks covered as well such as how to deal with Nissan idling problems when an idle relearn, new throttle body, and PCM won't do the trick.

A/C System Servicing For The Next Generation: Motor Age webinar series, May 2013
This video is a trailer of the Motor Age webinar coveringA/C system servicing and techniques. To get the full video please buy the How to Service And Repair A/C Systems webinar at: https://www.passthease.com/training-videos/ecm-inputs-outputs Click this link to subscribe to Motor Age! http://bit.ly/MA_YT_freesub Once again, Motor Age and TST teamed up to present professional technicians with a free training resource, this time focusing on air conditioning service and repair. Live attendees were told about the dangers of counterfeit refrigerants and how to detect them, and shown new diagnostic methods including thermal imaging and ultrasound detection. And hey! Before you bust us on the sound quality...that's rain! This webinar was shot during a heavy storm! To learn about upcoming live training opportunities, sign up for the Certified Technician newsletter at http://www.motorage.com/fortechs

Scoping Out Drivability: The Trainer video series (Nov 2011)
Diagnosing drivability problems on today's cars presents several challenges to technicians. Many engine designs are unforgiving of even minor flaws, and are quick to let their driver's know they aren't happy by bucking, spitting, and turning on the Check Engine light. Finding these minor discrepancies takes a trained eye, a little patience, and the right equipment. One such piece of equipment is the Digital Storage Oscilloscope, or DSO. This modern version of the old big-box engine analyzers many of us grew up with is capable of much more than simply tracing secondary ignition patterns. With the addition of a few accessories, it becomes a powerful and time saving tool that can help you find those minor discrepancies when other diagnostic techniques will not. Join technical editor Pete Meier as he shares some of those techniques in this month's edition of "The Trainer". Click this link to subscribe to Motor Age! http://bit.ly/MA_YT_freesub

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