6.0L Toyota Tundra Stroker

5.7L (3URFE) stroked with forged H Beam Rods, Pistons and high performance bearings. ARP Studs optional. This video showing that 6.0L stroker turn without any problem.

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Toyota Tundra super charger, BLOWN MOTOR √
BLOWN MOTOR!! V8 5.7L TUNDRA with super charger. Truck came in Toyota in Henderson. Bad fuel was the cause. Owner put some fuel additive and pre-ignition happened.

The Toyota Tundra engine
Check out the Tundra engine.

Toyota FT-1 being unloaded at Irvine Cars & Coffee
Vehicle is powered by electric motors. There is no engine officially confirmed by Toyota for the ft-1. There is no real confirmation that this will be a production car. (at the time of writing this description, 7-25-15)

3ur-fe / immo : pwned
3ur-fe / 3ur-fbe (Toyota Tundra, Sequoia) with immobilizer system bypassed Will bypass immobilizer for running any other Toyota engine in your project car, offroader or boat Phone: +007 (964) 575-57-46 ICQ:203-91-92-81