KITT Voicebox & Speedometer for Android

KItt Voice Box and Speedometer is back and FREE! Official free download link: Enjoy!

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Knight Rider KITT Voicebox
Lectric Enterprise 3/4 Season Voicebox My new voicebox by Brenon

#ProjectN7 - Dash mounted Nexus 7 in Toyota Celica
Quick video of my Nexus 7 dash project. Launcher used is 'Nova Prime'. Icons are Widgets made with 'UCCW' and 'Simple Text'. Using 'Tasker' for various actions when power is turned on or off. 'Ultimate Rotation Control' to force permanent landscape. My fingers were freezing as its about -5° lol, so some button pressed didn't work first time. Work in the end tho. :-) Details of the build are here... UI Post is up!! r_bridger/

K.I.T.T. v2.0 Demo Reel ( versione per Tiscali Motori )
Also in english If you like my video support me on Patreon

KITT Voicebox - Direct PANP keys drive
KITT Voicebox direct-connect with momentary pushbuttons to Panp Keys. Voicebox plays a DTMF tone and lights up the correct indicator, wich stays lit until next PANP key operates. External lamp drive connections from vobox can illuminate PANP keys lights, eliminating the need of other dedicated boards. Select replica buttons can be wired to the DTMF tone request pin, and voicebox will just emit a random DTMF tone at will. At start up, knight rider theme can be selected to play before the count-down sequence, wich supports external lamp drive for the top count-down lamps. Advanced true analog constant-current drive sinks (instead of simple limit resistors) gives identical luminous intensity to all bars of the show-accurate 16-segment bargraph. Other voicebox show a different brightness for the first 3-segments. Advanced true linear audio amplifier combined with true miniature 8-ohm speaker with magnetic coils gives faithful, sine sounds instead of choppy square waves on cheap piezo membranes. This one is made in italy. It took 5 years to finalize the upgrades to the previous vobox. Aim for perfection, then move a step further.