Mazda 3 BTCS 2011- 3 ROTOR SOUND

The mazda from the BTCS serie's with a great sound. Engine= 3 Rotor 20B

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Mazda 767 B Lovely sound- Acceleration,Fly By's Spa Francorchamps 2014
The legendary Mazda 767B at the legendary Spa Francorchamps race track. Turn up your speakers, this is one of the best race car sounds ever. Engine: 4 Rotor Event: Spa Classics 16-04-2014 Class: Group C Racing Also check out my Mazda 787B video.

Mazda 3 - 3 Rotor loud rotory sound follow 1 Lap 2012 @Zolder
Here you will hear the 3 Rotor mazda 3 that is driving on a really calm Zolder. The sound is just amazing! The BTCS has stopped so this car is active in the dutch supercar challenge.

Mazda Rotor Sounds 787B/767B/757/ 792P&RX7
During the Goodwood Festival of Speed there was a tribute to the racing Mazda's. A huge collection of the 4 rotor cars with a lovely sound. Mazda 787B: 1991 2.6 litre 4-rotor Le Mans winner 1991 car number 5 Mazda 767B: 1989 2.6 litre 4-rotor 7th at Le Mans 1989 car number 55 Mazda 787 : 1990 2.6 litre 4-rotor retired at Le Mans 1990 car number 77 Mazda 757 : 1986 2.0 litre 3-rotor retired at Le Mans 1986 car number 202 Mazda RX-792P: 1992 2.6 litre 4-rotor The 787B winner of Le Mans was banned by the FIA so Mazda continued in the GTP ( grand touring prototypes ) car number 77 Mazda RX7- GTO: 1990 2.6 litre 4-rotor GTO ( grand touring ) championship winner in 1991 car number 62 very,very special cars and great to see/hear them back on track.

Lamborghini Murcielago 670 RS V -Huge Flames & Great sound!
Great v12 sounds FIA GT1 Zolder 2011