Mazda 3 BTCS 2011- 3 ROTOR SOUND

The mazda from the BTCS serie's with a great sound. Engine= 3 Rotor 20B

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Mazda 3 - 3 Rotor loud rotory sound follow 1 Lap 2012 @Zolder
Here you will hear the 3 Rotor mazda 3 that is driving on a really calm Zolder. The sound is just amazing! The BTCS has stopped so this car is active in the dutch supercar challenge.

Lamborghini Murcielago 670 RS V -Huge Flames & Great sound!
Great v12 sounds FIA GT1 Zolder 2011

24 Hours Nordschleife+Classics &FIA WTCC 2015
ADAC Zurich 24-hours of the Nordschleife mixed with the FIA WTCC & 24 Hours classics. A great surrounding in the Eifel with lots of fans. 15-5-2015

FIA GT 1, Belcar and BTCS 2011
The World Champion FIA GT 1 at zolder and the Belcar, BTCS