bmw e36 318i turbo

bmw 318i turbo e36 m43 engine

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Bmw E36 318i Turbo
m43 engine

pull 1 bmw 318i kompressor

Project 12: 1993 BMW E36 3.16i
100 percent auto is a tv show from Turkey. In this show, we choose a car from one of offers. (Owners make offer using social media.) We accept car and make all restoration, repair and customization. (FREE) * Logos are covered for tv channel. "Engine stock" - M bumpers, new rims and wheels, plasti dip covering, new design interior.

Building a turbo manifold for a bmw 318is
Day #4 This is the process I go through every time I build a log style manifold. Each car needs something a little different but this is the general idea of how I do it. I don't know if this is the proper way, but I like to make my own path through life. I hope you guys enjoy!!! A couple of years ago I started a small business out of my dads garage, now I'm busier then ever and trying to move into a big shop! Follow me around all day while I struggle to get things done and also build some crazy cars!! I'm going to try bringing my cameras with me every day for the next couple weeks and if people actually want to watch this stuff then ill keep filming!! ig @iamdan6598