Renault Clio 16v rev limiter sound

clio lithuania (engine is in his normal working temperature for stupids)

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Clio Exhaust VRRRUUMMM
Motor 1.4 Clio RTi Sound Medium...

0-200 km/h : Renault Clio R.S. Trophy
Come on board the new Renault Clio RS Trophy for an acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h. Engine : 4 cyl turbo Displacement : 1 618 cm3 Power : 220 PS Torque : 280 NM Weight : 1 204 kg SUBSCRIBE HERE ► n=1 JOIN US ON FACEBOOK► MOTORSPORT WEBSITE► MOTORSPORT DIGITAL► 2AF8600C99BD43CD

Fiesta ST with an Omex Rev Limiter
Fiesta ST Omex Rev Limiter, this was so loud. The camera's microphone doesn't do it any justice to how loud is actually was.

clio williams sound