Buell XB12R Firebolt Drag Race

My Buell XB12R Firebolt at the local Drag Club. *Unfortunately a bit out of focus*. Best time to date down the 1/8th mile is 7.60s. Typically I run 7.70-7.75s all day long with 1.8s 60' times. This run wasn't particually good and from memory it was a 7.9s pass. Launch bike at ~3000rpm. Trap speed typically 90-91mph and my experience to date seems to strongly indicate that the Buell is very sensitive to Air temperature changes. At the end of the day it's a pretty fun and easy bike to drag race. Bike: 2006 Buell XB12r Firebolt, Remus pipes, Race ECU

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Yamaha R1 vs Buell XB12R
Not Racing, just a spirited ride, Started with a quick tire warmup on the off ramps then off to the mountains. Yamaha R1 & Buell XB12R

2009 Buell XB12R Firebolt with the HAWK exhaust
Nice combination Black and Red

Buell XB12R Best Sounding Exhaust Soundcheck & Drive
Great sound quality from this "Twin Can" D&D Exhaust setup. Craftsmanship is 9/10. Performance gains(with tune) is 9/10. Deep, loud, orgasmic sound is 10/10! I love how the engine shakes the camera; my GoPro definitly feels every cylinder combustion! lol Warning: Stunts in video were done by a professional on closed roads. Do not attempt.

Buell Firebolt XB12R 0 to 60, Multiple Launches
Trying to keep the front end down on a few 0 to 60 launches. It almost seemed impossible on a few takes...lol. Even with my big arse I managed a 4 sec flat as my lowest time.