Installing White Halo Ring LEDs - BMW E60

**Apologies for lack of sound! Youtube marked as copyright so I removed. Thanks** This is a short video showing how to replace the filament bulbs in your halo rings with white CANBUS LEDs. You can buy the LEDs from ebay for about 5 quid but be sure to order CANBUS ones. These will not trigger warnings on your iDrive like regular LEDs will. Also be sure to choose forward facing LEDs in order to get correct diffusion inside the Halo Ring. The guide is only for pre LCI cars with reflector headlights. Projector and LCI headlights use a different type of bulb for the Halo rings and may need the headlight removed to install new Halo ring bulbs.

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How to Install White Canbus LED Halo Ring bulbs to BMW E60 5 Series
How to Install White Canbus LED Halo Ring bulbs to BMW E60 5 Series

BMW color changing angel eyes, headlights BMW angel eyes for: E39 ('01-'03) E53 ('04-'06) E65 ('02-'08) E66 ('02-'08) E60 ('04-'06) E61 ('04-'06) E63 ('04-'07.6) E64 ('04-'07.6) E87 ('04-'06) X3(08') Made in Armenia.

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WeissLicht Halo Bulb Install E60 / E61 LCI 5 Series BMW (2008 - 2010)
Get rid of the dull yellow light of your OEM halo rings with the Latest Version LED upgrade kit from WeissLicht! THE BRIGHTEST ON THE MARKET! Full install shown for the BMW 5 Series E60 / E61 LCI (2008 - 2010) For more information please visit: -Series