2012 Kawasaki Concours 14 Led Accent Lights

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UNBOXING Kawasaki GTR 1400 2017r
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Concours 2011 Air Filter Installation
REVISION! I have recently been informed through Kawasaki Owners Group that it is not necessary to remove the left lower fairing panel in order to do this job. Check it out when you get to that point in the disassembly and see if it's doable. I haven't done it but several people say they have so skip ahead to removing the bolts holding the bracket and see if you can wiggle in there and do the job. Link to discussion of my thread on COG online. http://forum.cog-online.org/index.php?action=post;topic=46743.0;last_msg=31 0240 I purchased my 2011 Concours in late September of 2013. The motorcycle has approximately 13,500 miles on it so I knew that it was due for an air filter or nearly due (15,000 miles is the interval I believe). If you think that changing the air filter on a motorcycle with a wraparound fairing is going to be like changing the air filter a car, you are sadly mistaken. There are four "Tupperware" pieces and a bracket that must be removed just to get to where you can see the air filter cover. I should also add that if you are unable to use the little track that I discovered, you will also have to remove the windshield. Warning -- patience, perseverance, and some degree of mechanical aptitude is necessary to accomplish this task. If you are lacking in these characteristics, you should probably allow your local Kawasaki dealer to accomplish this job. I suspect that their labor rate order to do this will not be trivial. I purchased the K and N reusable and washable air filter at a cost of $46.31 delivered by Amazon. This price was in the ballpark -- I don't think there are any much less expensive alternatives. If you order through Amazon don't be confused by the fact that the picture is not correct. What came was exactly right. The K&N part number is KA -- 1406. A quick side note -- the instructions given to change the air filter are also what is necessary to expose the cooling reservoir except for the bracket removal. This video goes through the disassembly process step-by-step and it is fairly long at around 30 min. As time allows, I will also put up a secondary video that will show the assembly process after air filter replacement.