Blown Ford Capri CRZY69 @ WSID DRAGS 9.40@147.75mph, twin carb 6/71 blown sb ford

1st meet, 380ci Clevo 6/71 (street blower-non teflon) 7psi (BP98 / VP103 mix)

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Blown Ford Capri CRZY69, supercharged V8 Capri, blown small block ford, 6/71 supercharged ford
CRZY69 @ wsid 2011, 380ci 6/71 , et9.40@147 on 7psi & 9.1@151 on 12-13psi

Ford Capri RS 2600 Cosworth V6 dyno crash failure
See more at Partial throttle runs for fuel mapping. Dyno was set to sweep 1000-7000rpm in 18 seconds. Limiter at 6450rpm. Crash at 5400rpm most likely due bad conrod bearing. 2. Engine Race footage: Highlights of season 2013: Season 2014 races:

MINCER Tristan Ockers pro street blown ford capri APSA Thirlmere Fryers
Tristan Ockers's Ford Capri MINCER racing at Sydney Dragway Incar

v8 capri
ivans v8 capri