Supercharged Camaro vs Corvette C6

Aug 18, 2012 Rockingham Dragway NC, Phantasm, Drag Racing, Street Wars Event, 1/4 Mile, 402 Meters, 402 Метра

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2400HP Twin Turbo Corvette at TX2K15 Tearing up the Streets!
When you think of TX2K15, you think of INSANE Cars. This Twin turbo Corvette is nothing short of that ladies and gents. Now sit back buckle your seat belts and put on some pampers! Because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Supercharged Camaro SS vs Tuned GTR - Drag Race Video - Road Test TV A supercharged 416 cubic inch Camaro SS bulit by Redline Motorsports takes on a modified Nissan GT-R in a 1/4 mile drag race.

Supercharged C6 vs Z06
A supercharged C6 beating up on a C6 Z06. Fan Page: PDN Facebook: HPD Facebook: Twitter:

C6 Corvette Edelbrock E Force Supercharger Dyno
For more details: Taking Do-It-Yourself to a Whole New Level Corvette enthusiast Bryan Fawcett purchased his 2007 Atomic Orange C6 in May 2013 and was looking for a project that he and his newly-retired father, Richard, could work on together. I found the E-Force Supercharger to be the most comprehensive kit available for the C6 Corvette. I downloaded the manual saw that it was only 230 steps and thought how hard can it be? "I purchased the Edelbrock Supercharger from Mid America Motorworks and it showed up at the shipping depot 3 days later. "It took us about 24 hours to complete the build. We would have been able to get it done over one weekend if it wasn't for needing the flywheel holding tool," Bryan said. He is now the only one in Arizona who has one.