Citroen Saxo VTS ATSpeed Racing Dyno Rolling Road

Made 108bhp at the wheels = 132bhp at the fly. Mods BMC CDA Airfilter, 421 manifold, Decat, Magnex 3" Exhaust

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Citroen saxo vts on rolling road fcs
Citroen saxo vts on rolling road fcs 2012 132 bhp at 6500rpm 132 torque at 6500 rpm they only took it to 6500 rpm but the it rev's out a 7800rpm :S

Modifying A Citroen Saxo VTS - Improve Handling & Speed
Chris Turner and Dan Hudson have taken their Citroen Saxo VTS to a specialist to see what modifications they can make to their car to improve it's overall speed and handling. The improvements including the addition of an induction pipe, a performance Exhaust and lowering the suspension. Plus, having modified their motor, they then take it to the track and put the improvements to the test.

Saxo Abarth Crash Epic Fail
Un tipo crede che facendo vedere un suo video all'Abarth lo prendano a correre. Così si mette all'opera su strade aperte al traffico. Eccezionale.

saxo vts dyno
Dyno run at tsr performance!!BRIDGWATER 138.5bhp