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The ninja ZX12R the fastest machine we have ever built


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Prędkość licznikowa 340/350km/h

Kawasaki ZX-12R
White and very rare motorcycle The ZX-12R is a sport bike that was made from 2000 to 2006 by Kawasaki. It was known as a contender to be the fastest production motorcycle, and for its role in bringing to a truce the escalating competition to build a faster motorcycle. Before the introduction of the 14 (ZZR1400), the was Kawasaki's flagship sport bike and a competitor to the Suzuki Hayabusa. The was a fuel injected (four 46 mm throttle bodies) 1,199 cc hyper sport , generating around 161.2 horsepower (120.2 kW) at the rear wheel.[1] Handling and braking match the power of the engine resulting in a motorcycle that was docile at low speeds and very easy to handle in heavy traffic, but has strong acceleration and a top speed limited to 186 miles per hour (300 km/h) by a motorcycle manufacturer gentlemen's agreement. Pre-production models of the revealed a that was indeed faster and more powerful than Suzuki's Hayabusa. Several notable publications tested the pre-production and found it to be superior to the in terms of straight-line performance. In Japan, pre-production tests revealed a top speed near 200 mph. However, the release of the proved to be somewhat of a disappointment, as the production version of the was delayed for weeks without notice. Many in the industry reported that European governments had threatened to ban the altogether due to its top speed and outlandish acceleration. These threats were apparently taken seriously, and released the bike with a slightly de-tuned engine[ which failed to knock that from its throne (in terms of top speed and acceleration tests). Starting with 2001 models, speed limiters were included to reduce the R's top speed to 186 miles per hour (300 km/h). This was because governments mainly in Europe were concerned with the ongoing pursuit among Japanese manufacturers of ever higher maximum speeds, which were seen as a powerful marketing tool in most markets around the world. The was discontinued in 2006. While not nearly as popular in terms of sales as the enjoys a strong following among its riders and fans. Many sport bike magazines praised the for its overall sportbike performance.

Malina na Kawasaki ZX12R 308km/h
ponad 300 km/h

Kawasaki ZX6R vs Honda 600CBR circuit issoire france
Les 2 machines sont strictement d'origine. Filmée lors du stage BMC 05/07 a issoire avec Sylvain Barrier comme moniteur(devant sur le CBR). Caméra embarquée de Frédéric Besnard

ZX12R commercial
ZX12R commercial

Top 10 Bike Fails Loading Unloading
Top 10 Bike Motorcycle Fails Accidents Loading Unloading

kawasaki zx12r *live or die* 300kmh
4 ever young

kawasaki zx12r vs zx14
fierros totales

Porsche commercial
A porsche commercial spot http://www.porscheTV.be

Part 2 - Busa vs Ninja - Kawasaki vs Suzuki Hayabusa vs ZX14
http://www.FullTiltLife.com and Kings of the Street line up the two fastest motorcycles to see who would take the roll on crown. The most intense action you'll see online.

Kawasaki Funny Commercial

GSX 1100 R vs ZX 12 R
1/4 meile mza-luckau visit www.streetfighters-ffo.de

1102260975 ZX 12R 高
【掘出しバイクオークション】 バイク好きであればあるほど、希少車、旧車、絶版車が 欲しくなるもの! でも、一般的なバイク販売店では、そういった車両は台 数が売れないって理由で在庫が少なく、「探したけど、 欲しいバイクが見つからない!」なんて経験ありますよ ね? 掘出しバイクオークションでは、そんな悩みを持ってい る方も満足できるような、豊富な在庫と充実したライン ナップが自慢! 欲しいバイクが見つからなくて諦める 前に、掘出しバイクオークションで探してみてください ! http://www.technosports.co.jp/yahoo/horidashi/c/index2.html

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R 310 km-h
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R 310 km-h

Ben Shaw from Sydney's Extreme Creations is the master of not only building and fabricating some of the most amazing parts for bikes, he's also a gun with getting epic amounts of power out of them. At first glance this ZX12R doesn't look like much more than a neat streeter with an extrended swingarm, but when you look closer! Aside the the BST carbon rims it's a very sedate looking bike, but with 507rwhp it's not what you'd call slow either! For more info on this bike and other awesome bikes built by Extreme Creations, head to http://www.extremecreations.com.au/

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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