4 door integra goes 11s stock motor

jdm front 4dr integra Boosted turbooptions.com wangs

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Honda Integra Type R 230HP acceleration top speed km/h!!!
Honda Integra Type R 226,5HP@8495rpm/191,9Nm@7955rpm Weight 1030kgs 4th 5th gear from Y21 B16A2 Camera Panasonic Lumix FT1 http://imageshack.us/a/img547/2586/79kwh.jpg http://hondaintegra.pl/viewtopic.php?t=49&start=0

94 turbo integra 4dr 12.46@112 vs. mustang
bone stock GSR on 15 psi. 25'' M&H's. First time out on slicks, so there is still more in it. Was overall happy with the night, with a best of 12.43 @108 and didn't break anything, even the stock axles! :)

Part 2 of Oakley's 4-door beast. Check out part 1 if you didn't see it. Still a work in progress..

Acura Integra 98" 4DR
Hey just a video of my 98 Acura Integra (4dr) (Before & After), good audio system: 2 10" ev's, 2 15" alphasonik subwoofer ect. musica sobre rueda how we said in DR... Good/bad comments are accepted! thanks.