2007 Bmw K Series 7000 in Mansfield, TX

2007 Bmw K Series 7000 in Mansfield, TX for sale on CycleTrader.com: http://www.cycletrader.com/find/listing/2007-Bmw-K-Series-107058687

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BMW K1200S on the TV Show "Smith"
An interesting scene from the TV show "Smith" showing a BMW K1200S motorcycle in action.

BMW G650 GS Coolant Change DIY
A DIY instructional video created by the BMW Motorrad Club of Northern Illinois demonstrating how to change the coolant on a G650 series. Please work at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage you do. If you would like to donate to our work, please visit illinoisbmwriders.com and click the donate button!

A Way of Life. 90 Years of BMW Motorrad.
More: http://bimmerstories.la BMW Classic presents an emotional clip about three BMW Motorrad enthusiasts: Stacy drives a 1969 BMW R 60 US, Eric drives a 1962 BMW R60/2 and Arnd drives a 1939 BMW R 35.

BMW K 1300 R design & exhaust sound
BMW K 1300 R - the thing is unbelievable. 173 hp makes it incredibly quick. Throttle response is immediate and the look of the bike is just stunning. Very fun-to-ride machine. The Exhaust produces quite unique sound with the typical for BMW K series whizz. Turns nicely, the brakes are very powerful and it's easy to get used to them. On the other hand - being a comfort lover - I wouldn't necessarily recommend if for longer trips. After all, it's a sports bike - a very good one, so i's place is on the track, in the city where it does the job filtering the traffic and possibly on shorter trips. I really liked the handlebars - they made me feel the bike really well. Hopefully you'll like the vid and please watch in HD. Thanks to Liberty Motors Łopuszańska 36, Warsaw for providing the bike! Podziękowania dla Liberty Motors Łopuszańska 36 w Warszawie za użyczenie motocykla! http://www.libertymotors.pl/ Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com