400+ HP Evo X (cams, bov, exhaust, etc...)

just a video my friend and I took the other day... car sounds at 2:00 editing by Jeffm020194

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foam lance evo x
MTM hyrdo foam lance, you do not need to buy those expensive ones. This one does the job at half the price. Craftsman pressure washer 2700psi, 2.3gpm. soap is Maxi Suds II from chemical guys

Evo X 400 h.p. vs BMW M5 500 h.p. (Slik)
M5 на сликах, старт с ланча

411 awhp Lancer Evolution X AMS single tip exhaust
day time vid of my evo x with AMS Exhaust... walk around.. silver Evo = 2008 GSR and black Evo = 2010 GSR

Evo X cutout and greddy ti-c