2011 SOWDIV SCCA Jan Regional Sat Race

Part of the group 1 Sat race.

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Feb 2017 SCCA Majors TWS Polar Prix, E Production
Some days ya got it, some days ya don't. I qualified on old tires and took the gamble that they'd hold up through the race. They didnt. By the end of the race, I was 8 seconds off my pace, and doing everything I could just to stay on track!

2016 Hallett SCCA Majors E Production Race
I started 9th overall, 5th in class. Finished 7th overall, 5th in class. Around lap 6 or 7, I developed a soft brake pedal and the rears would lock up first, leaving me with some interesting handling issues! I had to brake easy and early going into T2 in order to reduce the axle hop, causing me to lose a spot to Smyzcek. I then wound up wide going into T4 trying to catch back up to him. between the excessive rear brake and being in the wrong place on the track, I wound up with the back end going into the turn first and did a 360-- right in front of the grandstands where my whole family was watching. (Try to do that one, Dad!) I was able to continue, but just couldn't keep pace with a spongy pedal and having to pump the brakes 5-6 times every straight. I was able to nurse the car to finish in this position, mostly driving around by myself. It's rare that I just pray that the race would end so I can get off track!

STU S2000 - Laguna Seca SCCA Race 1
Starting from Pole, slip back to 2nd, then 3rd in opening laps. But get both spots back early set STU lap record and cruise to a win. SFR SCCA - Driving Ambition - STU S2000 - 6/8/13 More Info: https://www.facebook.com/DrivingAmbitionUs

2016 NOLA "Majors" | Race 2 | SCCA Spec Miata Selin M. Rollan
GoPro footage from the inside of Selin M. Rollan's SCCA Majors NOLA Motorsports Park victory from February 28th, 2016! Rollan, the current points leader after 6 of the 10 race season, battles Andrew Carbonell, Blake Clements, Alex Bolanos, Chris Halderman, and the rest of the 35+ spec Miatas. Selin's post race interview: http://www.scca.com/videos/2026040