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shifting test 2 - a car with automatic gearbox

this is upgraded version of my car. shifting is according to turning speed of the wheels. you can see that while it is being slowed by using force, the gear is changed. (3 gears) Vites değişimini tekerlek devrine göre yapmaktadır. Görüldüğü gibi zorlandığında vitesi küçültüyor. (3 vitesli)


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shifting test 3 - automatic shifting
This car shifts itself according to cycles. It uses a light sensor tachometer to count revolution. Araba devir sayısına göre vites değiştiriyor. Devir sayacı da ışık alıcısıyla yapıldı.

transmition auto gear box 2
transmition auto gear box 2

Shifting gears, 12 speed Volvo
More of me showing of. . . . sharing with youtubers, driving modern heavy vehicles.Today I'm in an 2007 FM12 Volvo, fitted with Volvo's own electronically controlled 12 speed automatic/semi automatic clutchless gearbox. I must admit I didn't like the Idea at first (I'm a roadranger man myself), but after spending a couple of days with this, I was hooked, real bit of trick gear, others European truck manufactures have similar concept's (likely sourced from ZF), HEAPS more drivable than the self shifting Roadranger, faster and smoother than the 'BENZ.


ZF 8-Speed Automatic Transmission
ZF has developed a new automatic transmission for cars with eight speeds that can achieve more than 6% fuel savings. The priority aim in development, however, was not the maximum number of gears, but minimum consumption. ZF engineers had set the bar high to produce a new benchmark for automatic car transmissions. The second generation of the ZF 6HP 6-speed transmission, that entered production only in 2006, defines standards that are hard to top: reaction times faster than human perception, direct engine linkage by early-stage torque converter lock-up and intelligent, adaptive control software, that almost reads the driver's intentions from his foot. But the new transmission is capable of even more - it saves (even more) fuel. It also guarantees ultimate driving enjoyment, as well as the variability needed to be able to use future technologies. http://www.zf.com/corporate/en/products/innovations/8hp_automatic_transmiss ions/8hp_automatic_transmission.html

Lego automatic gearbox
A studless version of the automatic gearbox by Miezel. With 3 gears, but very sensitive. Made with almost only parts of 8284

This is my first lego project.This gearbox is icnludes only 2 gear.

UN1 013 gearbox moving
here it is going through the gears, 1st to 5th, then rev.

Automatic lego gearbox 2
Now, the video with a different command-gear. Its better

Lego automatic Transmission
This is my first video on Youtube! this is a 3 speed automatic transmission/ mainly a prototype. but the real version won't be much different. wow, 9000 views. Very cool!

Automatic Gearbox Self Diagnosis Test. For Jatco Gear Box. Rover 800 825 2.5 KV6 Auto.
Having a Gearbox Problem with your Rover 800 KV6 Auto? or looking to buy a Rover 825 Automatic? Then you may want to know how to check the Gear Box the easy way. The Jatco Auto Box is fitted with a Electronic Self Diagnosis Test. Easy to check. No tools required. The 'Sport' mode light will flash any Fault codes found. Continuous flashing equals no fault. If a fault is found the code is displayed by a sequence of flashes. example; A common fault is the inhibitor switch (which is located on top of the gearbox and is attached to the end of the gear selector cable). This results in five flashes quickly followed by another five flashes. Fault code 5-5. Any other faults are shown in a similar way. The Fault Codes are as follows; 1-1 Vehicle speed sensor 1 (Open or short circuit) 1-3 Engine speed sensor (Open or short circuit) 1-5 ATF temperature sensor (Open) 2-1 Throttle sensor (Open or short circuit) 2-4 Vehicle speed sensor 2 (Open or short circuit) 3-1 Shift solenoid A (Open circuit) 3-2 Shift solenoid B (Open circuit) 3-3 Over-run clutch solenoid (Open circuit) 3-4 Lock-up solenoid (Open circuit) 3-5 Line pressure solenoid (Open circuit) 3-6 Shift lock solenoid (Open circuit) 4-1 Short circuit 4-2 Short circuit 4-3 Short circuit 4-4 Short circuit 4-5 Short circuit 4-6 Short circuit 5-2 Serial communication circuit (Open or short circuit) 5-3 Torque down control circuit (Open or short circuit) 5-4 Vehicle speed sensor 1 & 2 (Open or short circuit) 5-5 Inhibitor switch (Open or short circuit) 6-1 Memory back-up (Open or short circuit) 6-2 Battery supply (Open or short circuit) 6-3 Wrong gear (Open or short circuit) Then switch your ignition off to exit the test. To clear the Gear Box memory, you remove the left hand fuse in a bank of 6 fuses under the steering coloumn, for at least five minutes.

Passenger Car Gearbox Tester

Workings of a Honda XL250R Gearbox
I split open my Honda's engine to replace a bad layshaft seal. The engine still turns nicely by hand when open.

Speed Painting - Megane Coupe Concept
Renault Megane Coupe Concept 2009 drawn by using pen tablet and GIMP 2.4. Tools used: GIMP 2.4.7 Wacom Bamboo Fun CTE-450/W pen tablet Reference picture Camtasia studio 5 Drawing time: 16 hrs Full resolution picture: http://bencizdim.deviantart.com/art/Megane-Coupe-Concept-107784582 Music used in this video: Therion - The Rise Of Sodom and Gomorrah Thanks for all comments... ©2009 Bilgehan Erdoğan

EXACTLY how a car engine works - 3D animation !
Check this out it is so cool and exactly how an internal combustion engine works ! WOW http://www.autotechblog.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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