shifting test 2 - a car with automatic gearbox

this is upgraded version of my car. shifting is according to turning speed of the wheels. you can see that while it is being slowed by using force, the gear is changed. (3 gears) Vites değişimini tekerlek devrine göre yapmaktadır. Görüldüğü gibi zorlandığında vitesi küçültüyor. (3 vitesli)

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shifting test 3 - automatic shifting
This car shifts itself according to cycles. It uses a light sensor tachometer to count revolution. Araba devir sayısına göre vites değiştiriyor. Devir sayacı da ışık alıcısıyla yapıldı.

How automatic transmission works

How to adjust bands and change automatic transmission fluid
This is a demonstration of how I tightened the bands of my automatic transmission and changed the transmission fluid and filter. The vehicle is a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 with a 46RE transmission. This repair was done after a transfer case repair which required removal of the propeller shafts. With the front shaft out of the way, access to the front band adjustment screw was better than normal. It is possible to do this with the shaft in place, but access for demonstration is not as good. For details of how the propeller shaft is removed, see my other videos on repairing a Dodge transfer case oil leak. Note that the details of how this is done, especially the torque settings and the number of rotations backward after ideal torque, are very specific to the 46RE transmission. Be sure the locknut is backed off enough that it doesn't bottom out when the adjustment screw is tightened. Before ever doing this type of procedure yourself, you should consult the dealers repair manual and verify the specific procedure in your car. This is an amateur demonstration done for entertainment purposes only. The information offered here is given in good faith but with no guarantees of accuracy or safety. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to do maintenance on your own vehicle is your responsibility. Short clip of music midway through is royalty free music "The Messenger", from Youtube creation tools, author unknown. Thunderclap sound used under Creative Commons 3.0 license, done by RHumphries at

Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas 1/7
Curso practico visual de transmisiones automaticas parte 1 de 7. Este curso esta muy completo..Consta de 7 partes abajo estan los links. descarga Manuales de Mecanica aqui Da Click en el menu Descargas y elije el manual que prefieras. Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas parte 2 de 7 Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas parte 3 de 7 Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas parte 4 de 7 Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas parte 5 de 7 Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas parte 6 de 7 Curso Completo Transmisiones Automaticas parte 7 de 7 Aprende a reparar computadoras automotrices en este videocurso completo y gratis si es dificil para ti usar mitchell ondemand porque no sabes ingles al 100% aqui esta la solucion En mi canal podras ver mas videos de reparaciones. tags.... ignorar esto: funcionamiento de una caja automatica CAJA DE CAMBIOS CON TRANSMICION AUTOMATICA transmision automatica Curso Ford de Mecánica del Automotor - Capítulo 7 - Transmisión automática. reparación de cajas automáticas (desarmado de la transmisión automática Cómo manejar un automóvil de transmisión automática Uso de las velocidades en un automóvil. (Transmisión automática) Diagnóstico de Fallas en una Transmisión Automática Como se ensambla una caja automatica desarmado de caja automatica de bora