SMOKESHOW BURNOUT!! PONTIAC G8 GT SHREDDING TIRES! The wife's Pontiac G8 GT needed new tires, so figured there was no better way to send them off to the great pile of tires in the sky than to shred the Potenza 245/40/19's in a cloud of smoke!! Mods include American Racing long tube headers, Magnaflow Exhaust, Rotofab CAI, Powerbond underdrive pulley, DBA drilled and slotted rotors and Hawk performance pads, throttle body port & polish and East Texas Muscle Cars custom Dyno tune - 371RWHP and 387RWTQ. Check out East Texas Muscle Cars at Photography provided by Rick Gray. Check him out online at Audio track "Alone in the Woods" composed and licensed from Scott Lee Cupp. Scott is a Composer and arranger residing in California...Scott has played in the recording studio with many well known artists including White Snake, Ozzy Osbourne, guns N' Roses and more... He is a very versatile composer and arranger with extensive abilities... If you are interested in Scott's work or need a custom soundtrack for your projects please email Scott directly at Compositions are available at a very reasonable rate...To view some of Scott's work go to Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates!

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Pontiac G8 Burnout to 120mph
Pontiac G8 burnout, 0-60, 120mph, Brakestand. This is an awesome car.

Ultimate Pontiac G8 GT/GXP Cam Compilation
Hope you enjoy! I'll be doing another video with an Exhaust compilation so if you like this video please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more! Huge thanks to the members of the Pontiac G8 Owner's Group on Facebook for submitting their videos! This is a compilation of various aftermarket camshafts for the L76/LS3 engine. Please note: This video is not intended to demonstrate exactly what a specific cam will sound like in your car. There are many factors that will determine the sound of your camshaft. Idle speed, Exhaust, tune, other mods, etc. Don't buy a camshaft because of the way it sounds. Work with your tuner to spec a camshaft best suited for your engine, mods and goals. This is for entertainment purposes only.

2015 Pontiac Adventures - G8 GT Ignition Orange Burnouts/Donuts
2015 Pontiac Adventures - G8 GT Ignition Orange Burnout/Donuts

2009 Pontiac G8 GT Burnout and 360's
2009 Pontiac G8 GT Pacesetter Headers Solo Performance Axle Back Exhaust Custom x-pipe Roto Fab Intake Custom Tune DBA 4000 T3 Rotors 5% Tint/50% windshield Shredding old tires before new ones go on