Ride of the Century Hoodride 2012 Raw Footage (Skip Ahead to 14:20)

Follow ChrispyStreetProductions on Tumblr @ http://chrispystreetproductions.tumblr.com/ Ride of the Century Hoodride 2012 from Holiday Inn to Downtown St. Louis. First half is mainly boring highway cruising wheelies start around 14:20. Streetfighterz, Section 518, Monday, Ian, Chris, Johnny, & Jimi.

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Ride of The Century part 2. (The Road Block)

ROC 2012 Roadblock Getaway
Highway 70 St. Louis

Motorcyclists Try To Evade Police Afer They Setup A Road Block! Streetfighterz Ride of the Century
"During the 10th Annual "Streetfighterz Ride of the Century," police and highway patrol near St. Louis, Missouri attempted to contain that gaggle of road-hogging motorcyclists when things get really out of hand. The police ram a couple of bikers." - J Allen

2012 Ride of the Century Streetfighterz ROC St. Louis R.O.C. Crash!!!
Ride of the Century 2012