Ford Excursion 6.0 vs 7.3 drag race

Me and a friend at the strip havin' a good time

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This is a drag race at 2010 rocky mountain cummins truck fest at bandimere speedway between a 12 SECOND Dodge 5.9 cummins turbo diesel dully vs Ford excursion 6.0 lifted powerstroke

2003 6.0L Ford Excursion Straight Pipe In Cab
Just going for a drive

300,000 Mile 7.3 Excursion Review
A review from start to present of the repairs performed on a 2001 Ford Excursion 7.3 diesel with 300,000 miles.

7.3 Ford Excursion 0-60, 60-95
In the 2000 Ford Excursion I have a superchip, K&N intake (which I will be trading out for S&B intake soon), and MBRP 4inch turbo back Exhaust. I DO NOT drive like this often at all.