Beyonce Exposed - IDOL WORSHIP... Say No No No No No!!!

A warning has been given... your fate, your life is now your OWN making! Don't be a 'follower' LEAD YOURSELF! This is just an example of how and why some people 'sell' their Precious Souls. Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth An insight - The ones who control the Music Industry are the ones who control the banks and the World, they been controlling the Music Industry since it began.

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Beyonce Admits She Sold Her Soul : Hold Up - ILLUMINATI EXPOSED
Beyonce has officially admitted she sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune. In her new music video called hold up, Beyonce Knowles has sunk to a new low. She blasphemes and denies the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. The truth is right in front of you - it's up to you to come to our Lord and Savior. God Bless. If you feel led to contribute to the cause, and want to see higher quality content produced at a faster rate, please consider becoming a patron.

Beyoncé - "Single Ladies" (Reversed with Illuminati Message) ✡ Bow Down to Lucifer
Beyoncé Singles Ladies in reverse with secret messages about worshiping Satan! Original Video Beyoncé - Single Ladies (notice the two dancers, they are men! - satan's gender confusion)

Steve Jobs tells us a secret

Was Beyonce Sexually Abused by Illuminati Handler?
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