Beyonce Exposed - IDOL WORSHIP... Say No No No No No!!!

A warning has been given... your fate, your life is now your OWN making! Don't be a 'follower' LEAD YOURSELF! This is just an example of how and why some people 'sell' their Precious Souls. Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth An insight - The ones who control the Music Industry are the ones who control the banks and the World, they been controlling the Music Industry since it began.

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BEYONCE' COMPLETELY under HYPNOSIS! MK-ULTRA 100% Illuminati Sex Slave
Your girl Baphomet Bey completely under hypnosis Mk-Ultra Monarch programmed sitting with her handler Jay-Z. Thanks to GraceFaith Janet for sending me the link & Yash Qaraah for the narration as always.

Whitney Houston.. Now Bobbi Kristina... WTF! Something's Very Wrong!
Here is All the evidence for you to assess. It seems clear that Whitney Houston WAS sacrificed, question is by whom? Those in the Music Industry that work on behalf of the 'shadow force'. NOW THEY HAVE BOBBI KRISTINA! Something is very wrong. However, don't take my word for it, investigate it for yourself. This video aims to provide all the evidence for your assessment. We can help the artists who are victims in this cut-throat industry, many of them want out but are blackmailed into silence... We can support their exodus. Artists - PLEASE find the Strength and Courage to say no-more... your continued 'negative/sexual/beastlike expressions' contribute to the destruction of 1000's of young Minds which is an abomination. What they promise you is a LIE and serves only to reinforce their evil plan... the consumption of the Pure and Innocent. RESIST AND RECLAIM YOURSELF. It's not just artists like Brandy, Monica, Jennifer, Lil Wayne, Kanye West... it is a bag-of-them. In Unity you can be Strong and will not be defeated in regards to Resisting the dark-beings... Pure Goodness conquers ALL. Re-tune Yourself to the frequency of Rightness, Kindness, Affection, Protection, Forgiveness, Unity, Peace and Harmony. The time is now... it will be your neck on the line when the new artists are recruited, remember that... GET OUT NOW and prevent young minds from Spiritual destruction!!! ;) Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, she (you) always had the power to get home. Any celeb who has been tricked into submitting their soul can leave... LEAVE NOW!  We no longer have pity for you... But, if you ever change your mind and do the right thing, We will welcome you with open arms. For us, now, it is about Healing the Childrens Minds and Saving the Future. :) Jordin Sparks -- I Will Always Love You 2012 - Whitney Houston Tribute THEY DON'T GIVE A FLYING FCUK ABOUT THE PEOPLE...You better WAKEUP my Friends! Here you will see their 'negative' agenda at work... OVERWHELMING Evidence Boston Bombs WERE False-flag Operation! Intoxicated David Silva Beaten To Death By 8 Sheriff Deputies! Additional information... Whitney Houston's Death and The Secret-Society, Called The Music Industry. According to John Todd, every musician and entertainer in the music industry and Hollywood, has to be a initiated wizard or witch before they are offered a recording contract. This is what some writers have called the selling of the soul or light to Lucifer. If you want to research Todd's work in full I have all of his recorded material on MP3 and would be glad to send it to you. More Info Email: ( he-secret-society-called-the-music-industry

Jay-Z Exposed - Right hand man speaks out
Jay-Z Exposed - Right hand man speaks out

Beyoncé - "Single Ladies" (Reversed with Illuminati Message) ✡ Bow Down to Lucifer
Beyoncé Singles Ladies in reverse with secret messages about worshiping Satan! Original Video Beyoncé - Single Ladies (notice the two dancers, they are men! - satan's gender confusion)